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A Southwest Christian School Education is a powerful investment in your child’s future.

We desire to partner with families who seek a school that encourages academic excellence, 灵命成长, 积极参与当地和全球社区.



Below are the tuition rates for the 2023-2024 school year. All students are required to purchase a community-inclusive dining program that offers a variety of healthy and 熟食店cious daily offerings.
年级 学费 膳食计划
幼稚园前两日(T/TH) $5,875 $335
学前三日(中西区) $7,875 $475
五天课程(M-F) $11,675 $775
幼儿园 $15,850 $875
1 - 4年级 $18,250 $975
5 - 6年级 $19,400 $1,035
7 - 8年级 $21,150 $1,175
成绩9 - 10 $22,575 $1,175
11 - 12年级 $22,850 $1,175



Sage餐饮服务 is the leading food service provider for independent schools and private colleges throughout North America. An on-site chef designs a unique menu based on the SCS community using fresh, 本地种植的食材. 多种健康的选择, including a nourishing main dish with a variety of starches and fresh vegetables, 沙拉, 熟食店, 每天都有汤供选择. 另外, 他们提供过敏治疗方面的专业知识, and their team takes great care to provide extensive training in allergy awareness.

They also extend education into our dining room by guiding SCS families on how to build a balanced plate. Also offering a Performance Spotlight Program to help our athletes get the fuel they need for training and game days, 借鉴了美国的指导方针.S. Olympic Committee, the NCAA, and other sports associations.

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延长日计划提供了一个安全的, nurturing environment for students age three through sixth grade. 活动包括完成作业的时间, 室内和室外游戏, 工艺品, 每周的烹饪, 互动游戏, 均衡的早餐或零食.


  • 三天(仅限学前班)-每年1,020美元
  • 每周五天,每年1530美元


  • 两天(仅限学前班)-每年385美元
  • 三天(仅限学前班)-每年565美元
  • 每周五天,每年885美元


  • 两天(仅限学前班)-每年1150美元
  • 三天(仅限学前班)-每年1575美元
  • 每周五天,每年3750美元


  • 三天(仅限学前班)-每年2425美元
  • 每周五天,每年3750美元

**上门服务收费12美元.每小时40美元. Late pick-ups will be assessed a $10 fee for the first 5 minutes and $1 per minute thereafter.



学习实验室:每年$1,275 - $2,685

  • 欲了解更多信息,请访问我们的 学术支持 页面.

班级旅行/高中部长计划: 根据旅行或班级而定

高中 Dual Credit classes: Fees range from $200 to $460 per semester credit. 需要一台笔记本电脑.

*Additional expenses include some textbooks and consumables that are purchased by high school and middle school students. Other additional expenses depend on the degree to which the student is involved in sports, 美术, 以及学院提供的学术活动. Seniors have additional expenses associated with SAT and AP exams, as well as graduation expenses.

All payments are processed by automatic draft through FACTS. There will be a 3% charge during the 2023/24 school year on all financed amounts.


  • 6月1日到期,6月1日后入学时到期


  • 一半是六月一日,一半是十二月一日. 必须参加学费退还计划.


  • 6月至5月等额付款. 必须参加学费退还计划.


  • Non-refundable 10% of total tuition is required at time of enrollment.

Southwest Christian School subscribes to the philosophy of need-based financial aid as opposed to merit-based scholarships. Consequently, no awards are made solely on the basis of academic, athletic or artistic ability. Such a philosophy makes the school accessible to candidates from a broader cross-section of the community, thereby strengthening the pool of applicants and enabling Southwest Christian students to learn and grow in a more varied peer group.


  • 必须被录取或被录取
  • Must exhibit exemplary citizenship and a positive classroom attitude reflected by above average grades in core classes
  • 必须积极参与SCS的生活
  • Parent’s financial statement must show demonstrated financial need
  • 必须保持累积GPA为2分.5


  • 金融援助 is not granted to Early Childhood students
  • Financial aid is granted on a per student basis, not per family
  • Financial aid is granted per year and must be applied for annually with all accounts current
  • 所有财政援助的截止日期必须满足
  • 必须显示需要


  • 金融援助 applications are processed by FACTS Grant & 援助评估. 按此申请.
  • Current families must apply by November 1, to be considered in first-round financial aid placements. 接受援助的考虑, 申请表必须完整填写, 包括事实要求的文件(纳税申报表), W2s, 以及任何其他要求的证明文件).
  • New families applying for admission to SCS may apply for financial aid at the same time they submit their application for admission.
  • 如果学生被录取, the enrollment fee of 10% will be required to save the student’s place before financial aid awards are made. The enrollment fee will be completely refunded if the aid amount is insufficient for the student to enroll.

*经济援助的竞争很重要. Limited funds may prevent the 金融援助 Committee from offering assistance to all qualified deserving applicants. 因此, students to whom financial assistance is awarded are expected to accept or decline the award within two weeks of notification. In the event the student fails to comply with this requirement, the 金融援助 Committee reserves the right to award the aid to an alternate candidate.

正规手机网赌软件重视独立, interdenominational Christian school that is available to families regardless of their race, 种族, 或者社会经济地位.

Southwest Christian School is pleased to offer a 学费退还计划 in partnership with Dewar. 在这个计划下, you gain peace of mind by guarding the bulk of your tuition investment against unforeseen circumstances that could require your student(s) to leave SCS.

  • Fee to participate is 2% for the 2023/24 school year of net tuition after financial aid
  • SCS collects the fee with your first tuition payment and remit the fee to Dewar on your behalf
  • Families utilizing the monthly or semi-annual installment plans are required to participate
  • Participation is optional for families paying in full by June 1

Important terms and conditions of the 学费退还计划 are included in your enrollment contract.